We just love music. Arranging it, writing, it, producing and recording it. We aim to take what you’ve heard with your inner ear and bring it to life.

We’re not interested in changing your sound for commercial reasons – if your songs are good, someone is going to listen to them and spend money to hear them again. We believe that recording is a team effort and that working with the artist from the start is the best way to understand their vision and in doing so, achieve your sound. We’ve heard too many artists complain that their albums don’t reflect their personality or even their style. Not going to happen here.

We’ll start by meeting each other, having some really good coffee. This isn’t a short process and if personalities are wrong, then we’ll get nowhere. We have no issues telling you this won’t work out and advising someone more suitable for the job. Hopefully, you’ll have the same approach. Friendships are formed here, long-term relationships that don’t end once the album is complete. We prefer it that way.

Check out the site for gear, artists and general stuff we think is important or interesting. Contact us for a studio visit, or if we have the time, bring in some tracks for us to hear and give feedback. No charge, you bring the biscuits

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