Been busy the last few weeks and haven't had a chance to update what's going on..

Done tracking vocals for the Every Nation project and have been booked to co-produce and mix the theme song for an exciting motivational project, written by Niel Higgins and Valeska Muller - more details as things get closer to the date.


We were also asked to travel to Durban in order to record the amazing Zulu version of Handel's Messiah, performed by the KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic, accompanied by a 100 voice choir and four of the countries finest vocalists. This will be be available for CD/DVD purchase towards December and will be broadcast over the Christmas season.


Orchestra rehearsal

Add in some choir..


And a director of photography with production assistant..


Don't forget the tux...


Got back and went straight into rhythm sessions for the score of "Knysna", written by the exceptionally talented Wynand Deport from the band Anders. In the booth is  Jason Moser, artist manager for Sonor SA and one of my favourite drummers, dipping a triangle for some wacky triangle sounds.


A quick EP drums session for a Damian Phillips production followed..




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