"We consider ourselves fortunate people who get to spend countless hours nose-to-nose with these special kids as we battle together side-by-side to overcome the obstacles they face every day. We view ourselves as treasure hunters who delve through the debris of brain-injury, retrieving hidden potential, discovering the wonder of their beautiful minds....surprised every day by how much we underestimated their intelligence and capacity. This process of rehabilitation stretches us in every possible aspect of our beings and these children enlarge us and teach us so much more than we can ever dream of teaching them...it’s humbling.”


We are extremely blessed to be involved with the Brain Child Fund. I have been friends with Jana for almost 20 years and the story of her family continually inspires me.

Paradox was written by Jana and Gian, her Down Syndrome son. It started as a simple recording and then expanded into a full multimedia show which is being used to firstly, educate the public about brain injury/damage and secondly, to support parents and families of brain injured children.

Please visit their site. If any part of their story inspires or moves you, send them an email, subscribe to their mailing list and see how seemingly limited people have so much more to offer.



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